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Professional Camera Cleaning Kit (with Waterproof Case)

Professional Camera Cleaning Kit (with Waterproof Case)

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This Professional Camera Cleaning Kit contains all the essentials you need to keep your camera in pristine condition. The kit includes a cleaning solution and several cleaning cloths to remove unwanted dust, streaks and fingerprints. Plus, the included waterproof case keeps the kit secure. Get the professional-level cleaning your camera deserves.


Color: 29 in 1 Camera Cleaning Kit


  • 💙【Professional Camera Cleaning Kit】-Used for cleaning grease, fingerprints, stains and dirt on camera lenses, microscopes, telescopes, glasses and other precision optical lenses.
  • 💙【Sensor Cleaning Swabs】-Absorb and remove invisible particles and dirt. Compatible with APS-C sensor.
  • 💙【Uni-body air blower】-The blower will guide the air flow to blow away dirt and dust from the lens or camera sensor.
  • 💙【Hard Shell Protective Case】-Tidy up all cleaning kits and other accessories and protect them to avoid accidental collisions when outdoors.
  • 💙【Double Sided Lens Cleaning Pen】-This tool holds both a dust brush and a unique, non-liquefied cleaning component on opposite sides; this latter element is designed to not dry out. Please take note that a tiny amount of toner found on the cleaning pen's head is not considered dirt.



🔶[Hard Shell Protective Case]-Easily organize and keep your camera and sensor cleaning tools secure, as well as providing superior protection.

🔷[Uni-body Air Blower]-Uni-body blower nozzle securely streams powerful air to remove dust from Camera lenses.

🔶[Lens Cleaning Paper]-Anti-dandruff, soft tissue paper perfect for cleaning lenses and other delicate surfaces. Can be used with coated lenses with no risk of damage.

🔷[Microfiber Cloth]-Extremely fine miraculous microfiber cloth can easily remove invisible dust, particles and stains from cameras and lenses without leaving scratches, stripes or traces.

🔶[Sensor Cleaning Swabs]- Clean sensors, lenses, or other photosensitive components. Also suitable for cleaning the edges of mobile phones, monitors, and eyeglasses. Compatible with APS-C size sensors and vacuum-sealed for moisture and dust protection.

This Professional Camera Cleaning Kit with Waterproof Case is designed to clean DSLR sensors, lenses, and other photosensitive parts. Additionally, it can clean the edges of mobile phones, computer monitors, glasses, and more. It is compatible with APS-C sensors and comes vacuum-packed for dust and moisture-proofing.

Package includes:

1 x Tweezers

1 x Air blowing

1 x Storage box

1 x Portable box

6 x Cotton swab

30 x Lens paper

1 x Beauty brush

1 x Cleaning solution

1 x Two in one lens pen

4 x 10cm*9cm Clean cloth

1 x 15cm*18cm Clean cloth

5 x Dry and wet cleaning wipe

5 x APS-C 16mm Cleaning Swabs


  • All products except Camera Cleaning Kit are not included in the figure.
  • Please turn off the power supply before cleaning the SLR camera.
  • When using a lens pen to clean the lens, be sure to keep the lens dry and free of water on the surface.
  • Cleaning solution should not be sprayed directly on the lens. Please spray the liquid on the cleaning cloth and wipe the lens.

Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 7.3 x 3.7 inches

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