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4 Tier Cupcake Holder with LED Light String

4 Tier Cupcake Holder with LED Light String

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This 4 Tier Cupcake Holder is the perfect party accessory! Showcase your delicious desserts in an elegant and fun way, thanks to the LED light string that adds a glowing ambiance. Enjoy your cupcakes with a dash of added sparkle! Light up your festivities with the ultimate sweet treat accessory! Show off your cupcakes in style with a glowing LED light string, making any occasion seem extra special. After all, your cupcakes (and your guests) deserve a bit of sparkle!

Color: Colorful


  • This sophisticated European cupcake holder creates an eye-catching presentation for your desserts at special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Make your cupcakes stand out in a unique and breathtaking way with this beautifully designed display.
  • This 4 Tier Cupcake Holder is constructed with four 4 mm thick acrylic plates for durability and resilience, each separated by 4” to provide aesthetically pleasing spacing. As an added feature, the superior plates can be removed and reassembled freely.
  • The acrylic rods of this display tower are secured in the center by copper nuts to ensure stability. With a generous capacity for up to 52 cupcakes of 2.5” diameter, or 12 lb. of food, this cupcake stand can accommodate a large crowd.
  • This acrylic dessert display offers more than just a classic look. It comes complete with an elegant LED light garland to create a truly magical atmosphere. The meticulously crafted finish includes a glossy edge and rubber dots on the base, ensuring it stays put.


Details: Delight your guests with this captivating acrylic cupcake holder, perfect for any social gathering - wedding, birthday party, or event. With this eye-catching accessory, you can assemble the perfect candy bar and make your celebration a success.

This 4 Tier Cupcake Holder with LED Light String is designed for practicality and ease of use. It allows for the creation of exceptional cupcake decorations and displays that will bring a touch of magic. The LED light garland adds a special and spectacular atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on all those at your event.

This cupcake acrylic display is a perfect party accessory, crafted from 4 mm plates for sturdy resilience. With a clear, transparent design and up to 12 lbs. capacity, it makes for a great centerpiece. A rubber dot base ensures extra stability and the acrylic plates can be easily removed. The bonus LED garland adds a sophisticated touch to the ensemble, and the set measures 16" in height with the largest plate measuring 12"x12".

Package Dimensions: 14.4 x 12.3 x 1.7 inches

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