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Black Photo Booth Stand with Flight Case

Black Photo Booth Stand with Flight Case

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Elevate your photo booth experience with this sleek black stand and flight case for your IPad 10.9/11''! Enjoy a hands-free experience with an adjustable stand that offers you the perfect angle for capturing timeless photos. Packed with the utmost quality and convenience, this stand and flight case offers you effortless setup and storage. An unforgettable experience awaits.

 Color: Black With Flight Case- Rgb Light


  • 📲【WHAT MAKES for IPad PHOTO BOOTH PLATFORM IN HUGE DEMAND】Unlock an unrivalled video party experience with our snazzy-looking photo booth! Our system is complete with a ring light and controller and is iPad-compatible to boot. Capture all your magical moments from any direction, share them on socials, and create awesome images, videos and even live streaming videos!
  • 📲【WHY BUY A for IPad PHOTO BOOTH?】The photo booth rental biz is lookin' up - with a projected growth of over 7% per annum, invest in a machine at a steal and double your money as you rent it out! A perfect opportunity if ya got a party biz, a DJing career or any event-planning to do! And if you're supplementing your music service with some iPad snap booth props, you're sure to see your hourly rate take off! Boom!
  • 📲【Bluetooth RGB Light Box & Dual Control】The bracket is outfitted with an RGB light box, controllable with the LedArt app or a remote - turn up the tunes and watch the light flicker and dance to your favorite beat! A great photo booth tool for Youtubers, Tik-Tokkers, selfie fanatics, and social wizards alike, producing fantastic visuals for spicing up live streams and videos.
  • 📲【WHICH PACKAGE SHOULD I CHOOSE?】Are you a DJ, photog, vidgrapher, or event planner? If so, up your game with the flight case for that extra pro feel. But if you're budget-strapped or just starting out, our honeycomb case is the way to go! Just decide how many guests you'll be snapping pics of!
  • 📲【Photo Booth with Ring Light】 This picture-perfect photo booth ring light offers oodles of RGB options, plus a bevy of mixed-color modes, ensuring stunning images in any shooting scenario. Perfect for vloggers, Instagrammers, self-portrait fanatics, and creatives of all kinds - this photo booth is your ticket to seriously show-stopping shots!


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