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Portable Photo Booth Shell Stand for IPad 10.9/11''

Portable Photo Booth Shell Stand for IPad 10.9/11''

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This Portable Photo Booth Shell Stand is designed to securely hold IPad 10.9/11'' tablets. It's a great choice for photo booth applications, providing a safe and secure mount for your device wherever you are. With its lightweight build and portability, the stand is easy to transport and set up quickly.


Color: Black - RGB Colorful Light


  • 📲【WHAT MAKES for IPad PHOTO BOOTH PLATFORM IN HUGE DEMAND】Our photo booth for events creates a high-quality video experience for users, their clients, and those attending the event. In addition to the booth, a ring light and controller are included and support iPads. Record, share, and generate incredible photos, videos, and live streaming videos with ease and convenience.
  • 📲【WHY BUY A for IPad PHOTO BOOTH?】The photo booth rental market is expected to expand at an annual rate of just over 7%. Buy a booth machine at an economical cost and rent it for a rate higher than that of the average photo booth kiosk. Considering purchasing a photo booth as an investment for your party, DJing, or event planning business? There is potential to reap rewards! Enhancing your music service with IPad photo booth props is sure to have a positive effect on your hourly rate!
  • 📲【Bluetooth RGB Light Box & Dual Control】The bracket is fitted with an RGB light box, allowing for remote or app-based (LedArt) control. RGB illumination can be synced to musical accompaniment, offering a unique light show - pulsating to the beat of your favorite song - in an entertaining and laid-back setting. Photographers, YouTubers, Tik Tok Streamers, Selfie Lovers, artists, and more can use this amazing booth to create remarkable pictures, videos, and streaming content.
  • 📲【WHICH PACKAGE SHOULD I CHOOSE?】We offer two equipment bundles for every model, ideal for DJs, photographers, videographers, and event planners. The flight case offers a professional look while the honeycomb case is an ideal budget-friendly option. Select the package best suited for the size of your event.
  • 📲【Photo Booth with Ring Light】 This portable photo booth ring light features multiple RGB modes and mixed-color modes from which to choose, enabling users to find the ideal option to fit their needs. This product is perfect for Youtubers, TikTok streamers, selfie fanatics, artists, and those using social media, as it produces high-quality photos, videos, and streaming content.


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