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White Photo Booth Stand with Flight Case

White Photo Booth Stand with Flight Case

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This White Photo Booth Stand with Flight Case is the ultimate solution for mobile, on-the-go photo booth setups. Its durable, sleek white design ensures your set-up looks modern and professional, while the included flight case provides secure transportation and storage. Perfect for events and gatherings of any size.

Color: White With Flight Case- Rgb Light


  • 📲【WHAT MAKES for IPad PHOTO BOOTH PLATFORM IN HUGE DEMAND】Our photo booth for parties provides an exceptional video experience for clients and their guests. The camera booth includes an integrated ring light and controller, supporting use with an iPad. Easily capture moments from multiple angles, share them on social media, and create stunning images, videos, and live streams.
  • 📲【WHY BUY A for IPad PHOTO BOOTH?】The photo booth rental market is estimated to expand 7%+ annually, so investing in a cost-effective machine and renting it out can offer a sizable return. Obtain a booth to add to your party, DJing, or event planning ventures and witness an increase in your hourly rate when you offer IPad photo booth props as an additional service!
  • 📲【Bluetooth RGB Light Box & Dual Control】Equipped with a controllable RGB light box, the bracket can be operated through the app (LedArt) or a remote control. Its RGB light effect is capable of syncing to any music, throbbing to the rhythm of your desired song for a delightful and laid-back party atmosphere. This photo booth is a great tool for You-tubers, Tik-Tok Streamers, Selfie Lovers, artists, and Social Platforms to capture one-of-a-kind images, videos, and streaming videos.
  • 📲【WHICH PACKAGE SHOULD I CHOOSE?】Our product offers two packages for clients of any profession, including DJs, photographers, videographers, and event planners. The flight case is perfect for those looking for a more professional look or feel, while the honeycomb case offers the same benefits for those who are on a budget. Coordinate the right package size based on the expected number of participants.
  • 📲【Photo Booth with Ring Light】This portable photo booth lighting system is equipped with RGB mode and a wide selection of vibrant colors to provide a comprehensive range of options for any situation. This product is perfect for Youtubers, Tik-Tok Streamers, Selfie Lovers, artists and other online media creators, helping them to craft impressive visuals, videos and live streaming content.


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